NJGOP Statement on New Jersey Primary

Today, Bob Hugin, Chairman of the New Jersey Republican State Committee (“NJGOP”), released the following statement:“The late date of the New Jersey Presidential Primary prevents Republican and Democrat voters from having a real impact on the selection of their party’s preferred Presidential candidate. The Democrats have decided not to move the Primary Election date earlier in the year in 2024, which would have allowed for Democrat and Republican voters to have a substantive say in their Presidential nominee. In accordance with recent RNC guidance, we are forced to re-examine our selection process for Presidential convention delegates. We are committed to ensuring a process in which all Republican votes are counted and can have an impact on the Republican party’s choice for the nomination of a Presidential candidate in 2024. Our goal as Republicans is to give every voter a real say in the outcome of every election. At our meeting this evening, the State Committee will discuss how to find a way to comply with the RNC’s internal rules and invigorate Republican voters and provide a way for them to have a meaningful vote in the selection of our Presidential candidate.  The draft document sent to State Committee members was intended to provoke a lively discussion on this topic, which it certainly has. I am confident that the State Committee will discuss all available options and come to the best decision, as Republicans act positively to take back New Jersey from the destructive hands of the Democrats.” – NJGOP Chairman Bob Hugin
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