No Word from Tom Kean, Jr. on Attempted Murder of Paul Pelosi. Have you no sense of decency, Senator Kean? 

Tom Kean

During the past four years, the leadership and major spokespersons of the Republican Party have maintained a continuing campaign of vile invective against House Speaker Democrat Nancy Pelosi in which she has been depicted in the most obscene terms.  This calumny has gone way beyond the limits of normal political criticism of one’s politics and ethics.  The attempted assassination of Paul Pelosi in the family home in San Francisco last Friday was a natural result of this ultra-violent rhetoric.

I authored a column last March on the abject failure of Tom Kean, Jr. to issue any repudiation of Republican extremists, particularly Marjorie Taylor Greene, a perfect poster child for American extremist movements of the past, such as those of Gerald L.K. Smith and Father Charles Coughlin. Kean has said absolutely nothing about Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican answer to Julius Streicher.  Nor has he said a word of repudiation of any other Republican hate speaker, for that matter.

What a contrast between his father, Tom Kean, Senior, an ultimate profile in courage and Tom Kean, Junior, a pathetic political poltroon who will say nothing about GOP bigotry and incendiary rhetoric.

Back in 1964, Tom Kean, Senior was the National Leader of Youth for Scranton.  At the Republican National Convention that year at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, this organization played a vital role in attempting to include in the Republican national platform a condemnation of extremist entities such as the John Birch Society and the Ku Klux Klan.   At that convention, Tom Kean, Senior was a source of immense pride to the State of New Jersey.

By his silence this year on GOP hate groups and speakers in the course of his campaign for the Seventh District Congressional Seat, Tom Kean, Junior has been a source of shame to the people of New Jersey.  He lives in dread of losing his status as the beloved candidate of MAGA in New Jersey.  Accordingly, he will say nothing critical of the fascist MAGA criticisms of Pelosi and of the Marjorie Taylor Greene vitriol which has had the unmistakable and its clear consequence,  the attempted violence directed towards the Pelosi family.

The most recent Marjorie Taylor Greene hate speech against Pelosi was her labeling the Speaker as a traitor and suggesting that she be executed for treason.  The inevitable result was the assassination attempt against Pelosi committed at her home in San Francisco last Friday and the grievous bodily harm committed against her 82-year-old husband, Paul.

I searched on Google and Twitter for any comment of Tom Kean, Junior condemning this violence.  I find nothing.  Heaven forbid that Junior Kean should be critical of the rhetoric of Marjorie Taylor Greene and of the violence she generated against Paul Pelosi.

Junior Kean will say and do nothing to lose the love and affection of MAGA. This acquiescence by Tom Kean, Junior in the violent rhetoric of Marjorie Taylor Greene and its resulting violence against the Pelosi family is shameful, despicable, and proves the gross unfitness of Tom Kean, Junior for membership in the US House of Representatives.

The silence of Tom Kean, Junior regarding the violence against  the Pelosis brings to mind the famous quote of the counsel for the US Army, Joseph Welch regarding Senator Joseph McCarthy at the Army-McCarthy hearings in 1954 and applies appropriately to State Senator Tom Kean, Jr: “Have you no sense of decency, Senator Kean?”

Alan J. Steinberg served as regional administrator of Region 2 EPA during the administration of former President George W. Bush and as executive director of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission.



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5 responses to “No Word from Tom Kean, Jr. on Attempted Murder of Paul Pelosi. Have you no sense of decency, Senator Kean? ”

  1. The “jury is still out” on the Paul Pelosi incident. The facts don’t add up, and everyone needs to wait until everything comes out. So far, the assailant of Paul Pelosi is a left-wing Progressive. That doesn’t make him an extremist conservative or Maga supporter. It seems he’s more of a Democrat hater, which we have too many of, e.g., see BLM (Burn, Loot & Murder) and ANTIFA!

    Alan J. Steinberg is a propagandist of the worst order. He should stop his journalistic “bomb throwing” and wait for the facts to come in. But, I digress. Alan Steinberg is a Democrat-Communist. Propaganda, lies, fake news, false stories, and plagiarizing is what Democrat-Communist journalists do.

  2. The above two comments are simply too vile to spend any time over, but I can’t help being curious to know what kind of person jumps to such ludicrous conclusions in the face of eye-witness reporting by the San Francisco police, and the eventual Federal FBI charges of kidnapping and intent to harm a family member of a government official. The word ‘integrity’ is a good one. The question is, whose?
    I do want to express my appreciation to Steinberg for pointing out the eerie silence from Kean Jr in the face of this grotesque attack. It is the same silence that followed the massacre of children and teachers in Uvalde, Texas. Definitely not the person I want representing me in Congress.

  3. Why should Tom Kean Jr. condemn this situation? We don’t know the facts. Neither does he. The SFPD haven’t divulged any of the facts on the case. It seems that they are covering up something. If not, then why not release the info. As for his silence on the violence against Pelosis, it’s not his place to make any comments until the facts are in.

    Because of his lack of journalistic ethics and responsibility to seek out the facts, the writer hasn’t done one iota of investigation into the matter, and therefore, continues to commit journalistic malpractice with each posting he makes. As such, the only vile comments I see are those from the writer, Alan Steinberg.

  4. Anyone who needs 6 paragraphs to say 1 idea only wants its readers eyes to bleed! He hates ALL Republicans. Yeah, we got that. It may be useful if you democrats would start with truth, then inform people what you stand FOR! Put the key words in like abortion at any stage of gestation, euthanasia for ANY reason, oh-open border, ignore fentanyl, leave violent criminals on the street. You get it? Nah, probably not.

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