Not Just Doria: The Establishment Heft In the Bayonne Room for Davis

Backers of Assemblyman Jason O’Donnell (D-31) high-fived at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Wednesday over the presence of Pat Desmond, the former Jimmy Davis loyalist turned O’Donnell diehard.

But tonight, Davis backers whisked the cape off their own high-five worthy presence: Neil Carroll, father of law of former Mayor Mark Smith, O’Donnell’s longtime confidant and political benefactor.

“I love it, I love it,” one Bayonne source giggled giddily over the image of Carroll (above, center) with former state Senator James P. Dugan, and former Mayor Leonard “Len” Kiczek.

Kiczek lost his 1998 reelection bid to Joe Doria, the former speaker of the General Assembly, who was also in the room tonight.

Local institution Carroll served as Chief of Staff to four Congressmen between 1963 and 1989: Cornelius E. “Neil” Gallagher, Dominick V. Daniels, Joseph A. Lefante and Frank J. Guarini.

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