By The Numbers: Paterson’s VBM Count

Citywide, a total of 5962 mail-in-ballots were sent out for Paterson's May 8th municipal election.  

As of Saturday, 2852 ballots were received by the County Clerk’s office, leaving 3,110 still – somewhere – out there, and already surpassing 2014’s mail-in-ballot count of 2,440.  The deadline is Election Day at 8pm for voters to return their ballots. 

Here are the latest numbers:

Ward 1: 925 ballots sent; 488 ballots received

Ward 2: 1385 ballots sent; 822 ballots received

Ward 3: 753 ballots sent; 358 received

Ward 4: 734 ballots sent; 300 ballots received

Ward 5: 1176 ballots sent; 543 ballots recieved

Ward 6: 989 ballots sent; 342 ballots received

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