Obama Jumps into the Election with Robocall – but Doesn’t Mention Menendez

The New Jersey Democratic State Committee will be issuing an automated – and generic, without a specified candidate appeal – call today to over 200,000 Democratic households featuring both former President Barack Obama and Governor Phil Murphy.

The NJDSC said the call is designed to increase Democratic turnout and is part of NJDSC’s joint efforts with the Menendez for Senate campaign, Congressional campaigns and local Democratic organizations to execute the largest GOTV program in state history.

Listen to the call here:

In the robocall, Obama doesn’t mention the name of Senator Bob Menendez, who’s on the ballot here statewide on Tuesday.

“This is one of the most important elections of our lifetime,” says Obama, who urges voters to get to the polls.

The robocall features Obama’s voice followed by that of the New Jersey Governor.

“Every Democrat in New Jersey needs to know how important it is that we vote tomorrow, and there could be no better messengers for that task than President Obama and Governor Murphy,” said NJDSC Executive Director Liz Gilbert. “This call will complement many other GOTV efforts NJDSC is coordinating including canvassing, phone banking, high-traffic events and social media campaigning using new tools we have made available to campaigns and activists this year. We believe the result will be massive Democratic turnout and victory for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot.”

In Indianapolis over the weekend, President Donald J. Trump referred to the former president, mentioning his last name, then making an outline of the initial “H” to denote his predecessor’s middle name – Hussein.

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