Ocean County and Trump

Ocean County Republicans try to make sense of what happened and what to do next after the conviction of GOP Chairman George Gilmore on three counts of federal tax evasion.

Republicans in Ocean County love Donald Trump, but not all the time.

While Trump used his Wildwood rally on Saturday to endorse Christine Serrano Glassner for U.S. Senate, Ocean Republicans are sticking with her opponent, Curtis Bashaw.

Here’s what they said in a release:

“The history of Ocean County’s support for Donald Trump is indeed impressive. In 2016, Ocean County gave President Trump the largest victory margin in the state — a 96,000 victory margin. In fact, the plurality Ocean County gave President Trump was the third highest in the country by margin of victory. However, the support of Donald Trump is not easily transferable to another candidate for another office.”

It adds:

“Since the Ocean County Republican Organization endorsed Curtis Bashaw for U.S. Senate back on February 29, 2024, and the ballots are being printed, that endorsement is irreversible. The Ocean County GOP will stand by its endorsement of Curtis Bashaw for U.S. Senate.”

The Ocean GOP also says that Bashaw supports Trump for president and that he has solid conservative credentials on such things as closing the border, reducing taxes and supporting parental rights in education.

In supporting Serrano Glassner, the mayor of Mendham, Trump said she’s great, but he also mentioned what probably was the real motivating factor. He said Bashaw is a “Christie guy.”

Trump on more than one occasion during the rally ridiculed Chris Christie, or rather his weight. Christie, of course, ran against Trump before bowing out just before the New Hampshire primary.

Bashaw was in Wildwood for the rally as well, holding forth on the Boardwalk.

He posed for pictures with supporters and posted the following on social media:

“Having an incredible time in Wildwood. It’s a beautiful day to rally and take back our country!”



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3 responses to “Ocean County and Trump”

  1. Do you want to know why the Republicans are going to lose big time in November? The answer is they are supporting convicted molester, a person who has many affairs, brags about stopping abortions and is leading a war against women and his name is Donald J. Trump!!!

  2. The true war against women is the war the Radical Leftist are leading with their pervasive transgender policies that threaten real women in women’s spaces. Stopping abortions? Get a grip, Craig. Abortions are not a constitutional right and are not a Federal issue. It is a state issue where it belongs. Legal scholars for over 50 years said the premise of Roe v Wade was weak and likely to be overturned.

  3. You know government is working when the armchair warriors aren’t arguing in the comments. This has been turned into a reality TV show, The Real A-holes of Government, we are all dumber for letting it happen.

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