Oliver Fires off Ad Hoc Committee Recommendations to Weinberg

Acting Governor Sheila Oliver today issued an Executive Order establishing a new interagency task force to provide advice and recommendations for strategies and actions to reduce incidents of hate, bias, and intolerance involving students and young adults.

The following is the full letter from Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver to Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-37).

The letter comes on the heels of Weinberg forming an ad hoc committee to examine sexual harrassment (and worse) in New Jersey politics, the governor’s subsequent reaction, and then Weinberg’s reaction to his reaction.

Dear Majority Leader Weinberg:

I was heartened by your leadership in creating an ad hoc committee of women leaders to address the deeply rooted culture of misogyny which pervades New Jersey politics, and which was highlighted through the disturbing instances of sexual assault and harassment reported earlier this week by New Jersey Advance Media.

The Governor was appalled – as was I – at the behavior described in the story and we are committed to doing what it takes to change the toxic culture of abuse and entitlement that has been allowed to exist across decades. The perpetrators and the survivors are not limited to a single political party nor a single branch of government. Deep reforms are needed across government and the political landscape

The serious and pervasive nature of the behavior uncovered in the story demands a serious, broad-based, and objective investigation. To that end, the Murphy Administration stands ready to work with you to change this culture and create a safe, welcoming, and empowering workplace environment in New Jersey.

Per your phone conversation with Chief of Staff George Helmy on Monday, December 30, and your offer during that conversation to include members nominated by the Governor’s Office on your committee, please find below recommendations from the Murphy Administration:

  • New Jersey Education Association President Marie Blistan
  • Political and Labor Leader Patricia Campos-Medina
  • Political Consultant and Latino Community Leader Alixon Collazos
  • Deputy Chief of Staff Deb Cornavaca
  • Port Authority Chief of Intergovernmental Affairs Jenny Davis Toth
  • Author Lizzie Foley
  • New Jersey Black Issues ConventionState Chair Reva Foster
  • Acting Director of the Division of Women at the Department of Children and Families Anna Martinez
  • Deputy Chief Counsel Kate McDonnell
  • Action Together New Jersey Executive Director Uyen “Winn” Khuong
  • Treasurer Elizabeth Muoio
  • First Lady Tammy Murphy
  • Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver
  • CWA NJ State Director Hetty Rosenstein
  • Higher Education Secretary Zakiya Smith Ellis
  • Health Care Executive Kelly Stewart Maer
  • Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the Civil Service Commission Deirdre Webster Cobb, Esq.

I sincerely hope that you will be inclusive in your search for members of this committee, and that you will also encourage others to reach out independently with their interests in joining this effort. Please know that there are many more women in the executive branch who also would be valuable additions to the committee, and I would be happy to share those names with you at your convenience.

Both of us have seen a lot throughout our respective years in public service, and we have had the tremendous opportunity to be role models for the next generation of women leaders in our state. Let’s now work together to ensure that we also pass off to them a culture free of abuse and fear, and full of opportunity and promise.


Sheila Oliver

Lieutenant Governor


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