A Pair of Democratic Party Operatives See a Single-Digit Win for Murphy

BAYONNE – Hobnobbing at Jason O’Donnell’s 2018 mayoral kickoff tonight, InsiderNJ asked people – insiders – what they thought would happen in the Nov. 7th General Election next month.

“I think Jason beats Jimmy,” one of them said through a mouthful of ice.

“The gubernatorial,” InsiderNJ clarified. “Who’s gonna win the governor’s race? Phil Murphy or Kim Guadagno?”

“Oh, that…”

An absent-minded wave of a hand followed.

“Murphy by three points,” the source said.

“Come on.”

“I’m serious,” the source insisted. “I just think the mood is flat. The energy out there – flat. I think the kid… what’s her name… she’s doing better than people thought she would.”

InsiderNJ saw another operative standing nearby and asked him.

“Five to eight points,” he said sagely.

Only one of the three said he felt comfortable predicting a low double digit win for Murphy.

“My real worry is Vin down there,” one of the operatives said, referring to LD11 Democratic challenger Vin Gopal, who’s running against incumbent state Senator Jennifer Beck (R-11). “Vin should blow her out, but with the top of the ticket limping, I’m not sure that will happen.”

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