Frank Pallone on Donald Trump Speech: ‘A Vision Consumed by Darkness’

Dangerous. Divisive. Dark.

U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-6) had harsh words for President Donald J. Trump tonight following the President’s joint address to Congress.

“The President’s budget is focused squarely on a major buildup of our military,” said the veteran congressman from Long Branch. “This despite the fact that we have what is undeniably the most respected military in the world, and that we already spend more on defense than the next seven highest spending countries combined.  The President’s has a track record of acting before considering the consequences, but he needs to reconsider this proposal which could lead to an arms race.

“The President hasn’t made clear how he’ll pay for his military expansion, but the math won’t add up without devastating cuts to agencies and programs that promote global peace and security, protect public health and the environment,” Pallone added. “The President has already said he plans to gut the EPA, which will mean less protection against polluted water, air, and land.”

The congressman also criticized that portion of Trump’s speech focusing on his immigration plan.

“The President also continued to stoke irrational fear of and anger towards immigrant communities,” Pallone said. “This country is at its greatest when we leverage the unique talents and abilities that each of us brings to the table, not when we alienate those who don’t look, pray, or sound like us.  If the President is serious about unleashing unprecedented economic growth, he should start by acknowledging that fact.

“My guest tonight, Jon Whiten from Highland Park, NJ, has a son with type 1 diabetes,” the federal lawmaker added. “Prior to the Affordable Care Act, Jon’s son could have been denied or faced a lifetime cap on coverage that would have resulted in huge out of pocket costs, inferior healthcare, or both.  If President Trump is successful in repealing the Affordable Care Act, we’d go back to the old days and Jon’s son and millions of other Americans would suffer devastating consequences.   Our country deserves better leadership than that. I was disappointed with the President’s address and I do not share his vision of an America consumed by darkness or for our country’s future.  I will continue to stand up for my constituents and the values they sent me to Washington to represent and if President Trump continues to pursue his divisive and dangerous agenda I will continue to oppose it vigorously.


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