Pallotta and Barba Score Column One in Bergen GOP Primary


The columns are set in the contested Bergen County Republican Primary, and it can’t make the party chairman – or his allies – happy. Unsupported by the county party organization, the team of Frank Pallotta (5th Congressional District) and Linda T. Barba (Bergen County Executive) – and their three commission candidates – won Column One.

The Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO)-backed Nick De Gregorio (5th Congressional District) and Todd Caliguire (Bergen County Executive) and their commissioner candidate allies are in Column Two.

It’s a curious situation.

In their bids to displace U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer and Jim Tedesco respectively, De Gregorio and Caligure have the formal backing of the Bergen County Republican Organization, but with the slogan Republicans for Responsible Government, and now the further encumbrance of column two.

By scoring the preferable column, the allies of Pallotta and Barba – already running with the slogan Bergen County Republicans – like their chances of upending the establishment.

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