Pascrell Beats Prempeh

Currie, left, with Pascrell.
In the Battle of the Bills, it was Pascrell who defeated Prempeh.  The rematch between the two Patersonian veterans–Pascrell Army, Prempeh Air Force—saw Pascrell come out ahead against Prempeh a second time.  Pascrell, 85, bested his opponent 52 years his junior, with a strong showing in CD-9 where he has consistently won electoral victories for the House of Representatives, displacing Congressman Steve Rothman in 2012 after redistricting pitted him against the Fair Lawn Democrat.
In Passaic County, Pascrell led the county’s victorious Democratic ticket, which saw the re-election of incumbents Sheriff Berdnik and Commissioners Lepore and Duffy.  They were challenged by Republicans Mason Maher for sheriff, and Alex Cruz and Troy Oswald for commissioners.
“From the bottom of my heart I thank the people of our great district,” Pascrell said in a statement Tuesday night. “We in North Jersey are blessed to live in the most vibrant and diverse district in our entire great nation. To represent all our neighbors in Congress is a humbling honor and a sacred trust. In North Jersey and Washington I will remain guided each day to ceaselessly challenging the powerful, protecting democracy at home and abroad, and pushing our government to give Americans better daily lives. The challenges before us are great, but Americans can conquer anything. I will be North Jersey’s champion and democracy’s fighter with every cell in my body. God bless America.”
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3 responses to “Pascrell Beats Prempeh”

  1. Pascrell didn’t win with such a strong showing as he has in yesteryears. This year, Pascrell was challenged, and the challenge against him will continue to increase quickly over the next 2 years. Pascrell was nothing more than an empty suit that voted with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat-Communist agenda 100% of the time.

  2. This guy Prempeh is a rock star in Politics. Whoops , sorry he’s a Black REPUBLICAN. And so it goes, the Black Community votes yet again 9-1 for the crusty old career DEMoCRAT Pol expecting jobs, wages, education, crime, lifestyle to get better. How ignorant can really you really be to constantly decade after decade vote AGAINST your best interests???

  3. This is NJ. We get left leaning news and have many ignorant, apathetic voters.
    Even conservative black Republicans are cancelled by the media. And of course, the weak, almost dead Republican party does little, accomplishes little.

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