Pascrell Calls for Vote on Historic Senate Aid Package


U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-9) today called on the Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives to allow the chamber to vote on a $95 billion package of aid for Ukraine, Taiwan, Israel, and humanitarian assistance that passed the U.S. Senate overwhelmingly.

“A majority of the Senate supports meeting our security commitments and a majority of the House does too,” said Pascrell. “At long last it is time for Republicans to heed the will of the majority and support our democratic allies. Republicans said they wanted border security first, then they killed that deal, and now they’re coming up with new excuses to abandon Ukrainians fighting for their democracy. We cannot let that happen. The farce has gone on long enough. Just this week Donald Trump suggested abandoning America’s closest allies and even urged Russia to attack our friends. Put this damn bill on the House floor and let’s see who stands with democracy and who is against it. And if the Speaker does not do his patriotic duty, the House must force his hand through a discharge petition. I will be first in line to sign it.”

Earlier today, President Joe Biden demanded that the House pass the aid package:


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One response to “Pascrell Calls for Vote on Historic Senate Aid Package”

  1. A $95 billion package of aid for Ukraine, Taiwan, Israel, and humanitarian assistance to barbaric Hamas terrorists yet little for US border defense.

    Money for our own Border is earmarked for illegal immigrant processing. It is not for security or preventing illegal entry. This is why so many oppose the bill.

    HR 2 was passed by the US House of Representatives in March. It provides real border defense of US territory.

    The Bill has been sitting in Senate limbo as Democrat Senate leader Schumer has refused to bring this to the Senate floor for a vote.

    Why doesn’t Pascrell speak to this? Because he will not call out fellow democrats.

    We can help Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan but let’s defend ourselves first and let’s not aid terrorists with one penny.

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