Pascrell-Currie Tiff Evident at St. Pat’s Party in the Brownstone


The diss was pretty obvious last night at U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell’s (D-9) annual St. Patrick’s Party at the


Brownstone, a source told InsiderNJ.

The Paterson-based congressman made a point of mentioning his son onstage: Bill Pascrell III.

Spoke in glowing terms.

He didn’t acknowledge Democratic State Party Chairman John Currie (pictured above left), however.

Currie was present at the party but did not occupy a chummy bon vivant role with the father-son tag team.

Prickly feelings persisted.

Onlookers said Pascrell’s remarks alone underscored the rift between Pascrell and Currie, evident when the Passaic County Freeholder Board earlier this month ejected the congressman’s son as its counsel.

“There’s tension,” one source groaned.

Does it make for a primary situation?

“No,” the source said. “But does it push [the Pascells] closer to [Senate President Steve] Sweeney? Probably. I don’t see strategically how it helps us.”

Pascrell and Currie have had their collisions in the past.

Fourteen years ago it was bad, the source explained.

But since Jerry Speziale’s departure ahead of the 2010 election they’ve been strong political allies.

Until now, the source gritted.

When they screened the county candidates, the congressman sat in the back and there was a little bit of a blow up, not directly with Currie, but the effect was the same.

They “won’t go their separate ways,” the source said but “the Billy thing” definitely got the smarting Pascrell’s Irish up, as it were, at least last night when he had the mic in his hand with Governor Phil Murphy in the house.

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