Pascrell on Trump Indictment: ‘A Dark and Dreadful Day’

U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-9) today commented on the reported indictment of Donald Trump on numerous federal felonies, Trump’s second indictment this year.

“Again, we are making terrible history,” said Congressman Pascrell, the first member of Congress to call for Trump’s federal indictment back in 2020. “That a former chief executive is being held accountable for his crimes is a sign of the enduring health of the American rule of law. At the same time, this is a dark, dreadful day for America. This will be the second arrest of the former President in just a few months. It’s deeply troubling that Trump’s standing within his party remains undiminished, and may even be strengthened by his being indicted. Holding Donald Trump accountable for his crimes can help preserve our democracy and save America.”

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2 responses to “Pascrell on Trump Indictment: ‘A Dark and Dreadful Day’”

  1. Henry is correct. No Dumbocrats will speak out against Joe Biden, the Clinton’s, Barack Obama, Bidens son Hunter.

    Insider NJ will not pursue the Biden bribes, documentation mishandling and his years of corruption. Why? Because Biden is a Dumbocrat. Insider NJ will never report negative news about Dumbocrats.

    It is truly a one sided opinion and fake news organization, backed by the NJ Dumbocrats.

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