Pascrell Parties in Passaic Amid Building Party Drama

They came from all corners of the state in black sedans with government plates, zooming over the swamps to the Brownstone in Paterson.

When they got there, for U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell’s (D-9) St. Patrick Day soiree, they found a packed room, but not before getting through a small Palestinian protest chanting outside.

Governor Phil Murphy showed up.

That’s what he heard as he scurried inside.

State Senator Paul Sarlo (D-36) scampered in.

Speaker Craig Coughlin (D-19) showed, too.

Bergen County Democratic Committee Chairman Paul Juliano found some love in the room.

So did Pascrell, obviously, when he addressed the Mohamed Khairullah challenge he has in front of him.

As he spoke, the congressman locked eyes with a grinning, game looking Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly (D-35) in the crowd.

“We’ve got a primary. …Everyone has a right to run, but – Benjie – we’re going to kick their tails,” Pascrell said.

Old football coach Wimberly loved it.

Against the backdrop of a federal court case deciding the future of organizations like these, and how they field candidates on the ballot in primary elections, jittery Passaic Dems had to confront the more immediate challenge of geared-up former Sheriff Jerry Speziale running off the line for his old job.

It’s also – one source pointed out with lurid relish – “against the backdrop of what most anticipate to be the bloodiest season in Passaic county’s recent memory.”

With Pascrell eager to keep the 2024 St. Pat’s festivities alive for another day, they seemed animated.


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9 responses to “Pascrell Parties in Passaic Amid Building Party Drama”

  1. Congressman Bill “Cadaver” Pascrell is over 80 years old, heading toward 90. Time for him to retire and go away. He’s been nothing but a cancer on the State of N.J. and the entire U.S. Pascrell is your quintessential slimey, “talking out of both sides of your mouth” while stabbing you in the back politician. The guy was a U.S. Army veteran and should have his discharge papers revised to say “Dishonorable” as the guy has turned Full Communist since the Obummer Administration. Pascrell is a fake, phoney and fraud.

  2. The Pascrell Cartel’s days are numbered. These clowns are good for nothing but crime and corruption, and his kids are no different. Rotten to the core, racketeers to a man.

  3. Pascrell is a coward and a sell-out. He has been bought by AIPAC money to shut up and say nothing while Israel continues its genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

  4. Pascrell is a career politician whose only backing are the grimiest of the muck covered swamp things in NJ and DC. Pascrell backs Joe Biden, thus he is a cancer on the people of the 9th congressional district.

    It is time for change and his primary opponent is not the answer. The answer is the man that Basement Bill Pascrell REFUSED to debate! Billy Prempeh, the America First Republican primary candidate in CD 9!

  5. This whole situation with this article is totally taken out of context, the person that took the photos snook in to this event and it’s trying to start trouble with our veterans there was a lady at the last event that had her son over in Palestine was killed the congressman helped get her son’s body back but no one is responding about that they’re saying the veterans are baby killers shame on us. I say shame on them because no one is stopping you from going to help fight for your country. You can take your young men and women to go fight for your countrys civil war. You want non-muslims soldiers to fight over there while you stay home in America safe.

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