Passaic County Flashpoint: Adamo v. Speziale with Time Ticking Down

County sheriff is a real job.

By that, one means it comes with a full-time salary and benefits, which is not necessarily the case with such offices as county commissioner, or even the state Legislature.

So it’s no surprise that when a sheriff’s job opens up, it prompts a spirited campaign.

Which brings us to Passaic County, where the then-sheriff Richard Berdnik fatally shot himself in January.

Two Democrats are vying for the party’s nomination to replace Berdnik.

They are Thomas Adamo, who is now a chief in the Sheriff’s Office, and Jerry Speziale, a former sheriff.

The overview here is easy to dissect.

The Passaic County Democratic organization backs Adamo and claims that Speziale is not a real Democrat. In fact, they call him “MAGA JERRY.”


But what does Speziale say about that?

Scan his social media page and he calls his opponent, “Tom MAGAdamo.” This has to do with the alleged harassment of a female officer in the sheriff’s department.

Gee, so how is a voter to decide?

Of more immediate impact, perhaps, is a new TV ad that Adamo and his county commissioner running mates have just launched.

It begins by accusing Speziale and his team of telling “Trump-like lies” about Adamo.

Clearly, you can’t go wrong in a Democratic primary by associating your opponent with Donald Trump.

The ad then moves on to list an almost dizzying number of officials who have endorsed Adamo.

That roster includes the three House members representing Passaic County – Josh Gottheimer, Bill Pascrell Jr. and Mikie Sherrill – and also Cory Booker and Phil Murphy.

But that’s not all.
Team Adamo also has been endorsed, as the ad notes,  by a wide range of elected and law enforcement officials on all levels.

The point is made.

If you are a loyal Democrat, Tom Adamo is the only candidate to support for sheriff. That can be an effective message when you consider that those who vote in Democratic primaries tend to be loyal Democrats.

Yet, we have just seen the traditional influence of county organizations turned upside down.

First, there was the rejection of Tammy Murphy, the governor’s choice for U.S. Senate, by many ordinary Democrats throughout New Jersey. That led to point two – the ending of the “county line,” which minimizes the power of county organizations.

So this really can be a wild card of an election.

By the way, what does Speziale say about the suggestion he is not a genuine Democrat.

He disagrees. What a surprise.

Speziale says that as a “true Democrat,” he’s walked with “Democratic candidates in every election cycle.”

And to top it off, he posts a picture of himself with Barack Obama.


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11 responses to “Passaic County Flashpoint: Adamo v. Speziale with Time Ticking Down”

  1. Jerry Speziale is so clueless he thinks knocking on a few doors counteracts sabotaging the 2010 election and endorsing Republicans in 2013 and 2021? That is exactly who Jerry Speziale is. And if he was working with Republicans as recently as 2021, he obviously hasn’t been knocking those doors “every election cycle” for very long, at least not for Democrats.

  2. I find it laughable that the Democrats are so worried about Jerry Speziale winning the Passaic County Sheriff’s race. It has become apparent that the Democrat’s lapdog candidate, Tom Adamo, is beholden to the Democrats. The Democrats are worried that Jerry has the goods on many of them, and want Adamo as their puppet.

    Just look at the Democrats’ list of criminal deplorables that support Adamo: That roster includes the three House members representing Passaic County – Josh Gottheimer, Bill Pascrell Jr. and Mikie Sherrill – and also Cory Booker and Phil Murphy. These are all Democrat-Communists who want to maintain an iron fist on Northern New Jersey and overtaxed New Jersey voters. These are the Democrat-Communists who want to retain power through their election fraud and interference by maintaining the fraudulent computer voting machines, the ballot stuffing, and the use of illegal ballot drop boxes to garner as many fake votes as they can. That’s why they want a Sheriff to control–so the Sheriff can instill fear into the voters who oppose the fake and fraudulent Democrat elections in Passaic County. I know. I’ve lived in Passaic County all of my life, and watched the massive corruption, extortion and fraud caused by Democrat-Communists there, starting with Congressman Bob Roe.

  3. All Speziale cares about is being on camera, he is a two bit politician whos law enforcement days are behind him. Jerry isnt even allowed to carry a gun because of previous mental issues so think weather or not tou want a headcase running the county.

  4. I second that Barbara and didn’t know that about that he cant carry a gun. I did some research and it appears to be true. Crazy stuff a Sheriff who cant carry a gun. Honestly never had a clue he was so full of himself and pompus until seeing what hes doing in this race. Add to that all I’ve learned about how he has basically decimated the Paterson Police Dept. by allowing such criminal acts to happen by its officers. That alone says a lot about how he will lead the county in my opinion and now his pompusness just makes it that much worse. Such a shame I think he was a good man at one point but something led him astray. And to defame Thomas Adamo the way he has. But this is what happens to men when are they given power, they seek nothing but winning at any cost.

  5. Jerry doesn’t take orders from the bosses like Currie and Jones. He worked for the residents before and will again.

  6. Where can I pick up a Speziale campaign lawn sign. I filled out the online form but never got one.

  7. Where can I pick up a Speziale campaign lawn sign? I filled out the online form but never got a sign. Is there a campaign hq?

  8. You can get many Speziale signs from the dumpster on june 4th after he gets destroyed in the election. He is a liar and criminal. He lied about cheating on his dying wife, he lied when he took the PAPD job to be “closer to his sick wife” wouldn’t taking a job for PAPD put you further from home? All so you could have an affair with your mistress, tell your daughters about it since they seem to think you are an honest man…

  9. Speziale is definitely qualified as a law enforcement officer. The problem politically is that the current Democratic Party promotes pro-globalist open borders, etc., which means artificially induced waves of crime, making it harder for our hard working rank and file law enforcement officers, firefighters, and EMS to cope with. The free medical costs have already sunk one of the 5 major hospitals in NYC. So some of us would prefer a future without disastrous public policy.

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