Paterson Flashpoint: Rodriguez Hauls the Most VBMs

PATERSON – The mayoral campaign of Pedro Rodriguez harvested the most VBMs, simultaneously sending a shock wave through the allies of Alex Mendez and Andre Sayegh.

A cold sweat broke over both rival camps.

This was supposed to be what decided the race, right?


Rodriguez was supposed to be the fun third candidate in the contest, not a threat to win.

Mendez had VBM mastermind Henry Sosa.

Rodriguez had… Rodriguez?

He was the organizer of Jose “Joey” Torres’ 2014 campaign.

Apparently no one saw that he might be even more motivate on his own behalf.

Very unofficially:

Rodriguez led the field with 1,400 VBMs.

Mendez had in the vicinity of 1,100.

Sayegh trailed.

Sources tried to argue against the developing storyline, but nonetheless, the highly organized-looking campaign of Rodriguez also performs, by the indications of the VBM totals.

“Holy sh-t,” a rival operative yelped in the vicinity of the news, as though kicked. The word tremored through Sayegh world to haul every loose change body out and to the polls.

The Paterson race for mayor was at full tilt.

Mendez still maintained his galvanized base.

Sayegh still could point out that a surgically successful Rodriguez impaired fellow Dominican Mendez and enabled his squeak through the middle narrative.

But for the moment, with time ticking down, Rodriguez could claim a victory on a critical – but not final – front.

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