Paterson: True Story, an Hour Ago on Election Day in Duffy’s


PATERSON – The elections gods appeared to be frowning on the whole mess, as the barkeep in Duffy’s Tavern slopped a beer in front of the turned up collar propped on a barstool at the elbow of InsiderNJ.

“Murphy seems like a nice guy, he comes in here all the time,” the guy said to InsiderNJ, a reference to Democratic front-runner Phil Murphy.

“I like him,” the guy dded. “He’s a Democrat.”

The cellphone burped continually on  the bar top.

“Record low voter turnout.”

“Turnout low. Very low.”

“Voted at 12:15. #5. Democratic district. Turnout is the story.”

They went on like that, tediously – the texts.

“I like Pascrell,” the guy on the neighboring stool said. “He comes in here all the time. Plays shuffleboard. Good guy.”

The rain spat on the streets on either side of the wedge of bar.

“It’s Election Day today,” said InsiderNJ.

The face that stared back registered absolute amazement and incredulity.

“I had no idea,” the guy said, and ordered another beer.



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