Paterson’s Wimberly and Other Prieto Allies Show Up at the Speaker’s Office

TRENTON – The state of New Jersey awaited the results of a meeting among Senate President Steve Sweeney, Speaker Vincent Prieto and Horizon chief Bob Marino.

At almost 2 p.m., they remained behind closed doors in Sweeney’s office with state Senator Joe Vitale (D-19).

They had been there for almost an hour.

While the legislative leaders continued to talk, assembly people allied with Prieto – those members who voted in favor of the budget – began to enter Prieto’s office.

Mukherji heads in.

Assembly people Liz Muoio, Raj Mukerji, Angela McKnight, Nick Chiaravalloti, Benjie Wimberly, Reed Gusciora and others disappeared into Prieto’s office, while the speaker continued talking to Sweeney and Marino across the hall.

InsiderNJ asked Wimberly if he was hopeful about a negotiated agreement.

“I wouldn’t have driven all the way down here if I wasn’t hopeful,” said the Paterson-based lawmaker.

The disappearing lawmakers by Carina Pizarro.
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