PCRRO Executive Committee Issues No-Confidence Vote Against Traier


The Passsaic County Regular Republican Organization’s executive committee this evening passed a vote of no confidence against the organization’s chairman, John Traier.

Traier was on the losing side of the GOP Primary in LD40.

The vote was 13 to six.

“It is clear that you cannot unify this party and we are going nowhere,” said Tim Troast, Pompton Lakes GOP Municipal Chairman. “I make a motion for a vote of no confidence in you and call for your immediate resignation.”

“You are 1 for 17 in countywide elections,” said Matt Conlon, West Milford GOP Municipal Chairman. “Kristin is your only win during your tenure as Chairman and you did not support her then or now.”

“You are a failed Chairman who is holding our party back from growing into a force,” said Ernie Sesso, Woodland Park GOP Municipal Chairman.
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One response to “PCRRO Executive Committee Issues No-Confidence Vote Against Traier”

  1. The “No Confidence” vote has been a long time in coming.Mr.Traier while a good man at heart, has not been an effective leader.His endorsement of Bergen County Chairman ,Paul DiGaetano, over Kristen Corrado makes members of his own party question both his motives and sanity.Luckily,the voters of L.D. 40 saw thru the madness and elected Corrado.Sorry John,but it’s time to ride into the sunset.

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