Perth Amboy Mayor Caba Announces His Reelection Bid


Mayor Helmin J. Caba this afternoon announced his candidacy for re-election, reaffirming his commitment to propel the City of Perth Amboy towards continued prosperity, enhanced public safety, and comprehensive community development, he said in a statement. First elected mayor in 2021, Caba said he has dedicated himself to serving the people of Perth Amboy with integrity, vision, and a commitment to progress.

A Record of Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Development

Under Mayor Caba’s leadership, Perth Amboy has enjoyed significant economic growth and fiscal stability. The city has consistently presented balanced budgets since 2021 despite the financial pressures from the COVID-19 pandemic and rising inflation. This fiscal prudence has been achieved without compromising the quality or accessibility of city services.

Mayor Caba’s tenure has been marked by over $800 million in private investments, transforming 300 acres of brownfields/contaminated land (equivalent to 200 football fields) into dynamic spaces for mixed-use and recreation. These developments are doing more than just revitalizing the city’s landscape; they are poised to substantially boost the city’s tax revenue for further city improvements and create new jobs for Perth Amboy residents.

Commitment to Public Safety

Mayor Caba’s administration has prioritized public safety by hiring an unprecedented number of police officers and career firefighters, marking the largest expansion in the city’s history. This move has significantly enhanced the safety and security of Perth Amboy’s residents. Additionally, the expansion of community policing programs, both within schools and in the wider community, has improved the relationship between law enforcement and the public, creating a safer and more supportive environment for everyone.

Revitalizing the City with New Parks

Mayor Caba’s leadership has also paved the way for introducing six new family parks and upgrades to 11 additional city parks, aiming to create a healthier and more vibrant city and highlighting Mayor Caba’s dedication to improving community well-being.

A Vision for Perth Amboy’s Future

As he announces his re-election bid, Mayor Caba is focused on building upon the foundations laid during his tenure. “Our work is far from over. We’ve made great strides in economic development, public safety, and community engagement, but the future holds even more potential,” said Mayor Caba. “I am committed to continuing our progress, driving forward initiatives that ensure every resident of Perth Amboy enjoys a high quality of life, and leading our city into a future filled with opportunity, safety, and prosperity.”

For more information about Mayor Helmin J. Caba’s re-election campaign and his vision for Perth Amboy, contact <>

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7 responses to “Perth Amboy Mayor Caba Announces His Reelection Bid”

  1. I think I speak for almost every resident that is not isn’t a family or someone who works for him …. He has go to go!

  2. He is the worst mayor made in the history of perth Amboy! You need to correct your sentences and comments about this unprofessional fellow that Doesn’t know how to speak doesn’t do a city state address. He blew 16 $8 million or rescue money on himself relatives, his friends, his clowns his rubber stampers. He also blew our surplus emergency money and now put them way is broke and we’re on the Red all he thinks is about himself. He is selfish and greedy and he’s trying to be a dictator since he got to Perth Amboy has been destroyed and the people in this town do not like him. so don’t let it fool you whoever you are that wrote this is an article about him. You need to correct yourself it’s all wrong And we are the taxpayers we’re paying him to do the right thing and he does what he wants. He has b the rules. He has broken regulations and he has broken ordinances for the convenience of his clients and relatives. No transparency. He needs Psychiatrist. He has no finance experience. He has no leadership experience. The reason why he’s there once you tell the truth, the Democrat put them there because he is their puppet won’t you just say it right we are sick and tired. These people ruining our town with their own knowledge, unprofessional un uneducated And they think they’re in the Dominican Republic the way they run this town. You always write lies about these wasted no good politicians! Why? Why not tell the truth for once? This is not good to read your articles because it’s all lies! We want our town back the way it was before he got in. Why don’t you write an article about him from the past he’s got a bad record to know and it’s all in the police station.. he is no 😇 angel. Why don’t you ask him about his brother and him! Where is brother?

  3. Thankfully these two ignorant and bigoted Trump supporters (Maria Quiles Vera and Juan Rivera) don’t speak for the majority in Perth Amboy or in New Jersey!

  4. Carol are you describing yourself?
    BTW what does Trump has to do with Perth Amboy?
    Do you live in Perth Amboy?
    It says allot about you when you attacked the person yet, can’t argue with them and give examples of anything that Caba has done that is good.
    FYI the city credit rating has gone down under this administration, our debt is up, crime is up, quality of life is down and let us not forget nepotism is at 1000 % up. How many relatives of Caba are working for the city today? We are able to see unlike you!

  5. HI Carol, it’s Juan Rivera, the “biggot”. Happy to be the target for your baseless regurgitation of socially propagated terms which are used to dilute the persons character. I am not a trump supporter, I just dont support corrupted non qualified men who can’t even speak so are used as puppets to the thoughts and ideas of others – none of which favor our city. Get off his jock and compare him to the other candidates. Night and Day!!!! I’ll take Kenny or JB over Caba anyways in negations with redevelopments or state sharks.

  6. The negativity is ugly. If you don’t like a candidate , you should voice your concerns at the ballot booth. Everyone has the right to choose and vote for whoever they want. But to drag someone through the mud and call them names and belittling them, in my opinion is just wrong. There are three candidates running for mayor and 6 running for council. You can pick and choose, backup whoever you want, even speak up for them, but your choice of words, should be respectful.

  7. The bottom line is Caba is not well-liked and we want him to go back to his dictatorship Island and take his statue with him El Duerte that never step a foot 🦶 in Perth Amboy and take your clowns 🤡 and your rubber stampers with you! You are not wanted at this town! And take your freebie Miguel Arrocho

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