Peters calls on Murphy, State Treasurer to Extend State Tax Deadline

Assemblyman Ryan Peters argues that it is up to Trenton to start rolling back some of the regulations, fees and taxes that have made NJ one of the most highly taxed states in the country, but doesn't think that the governing body, controlled by Democrats for the last two decades, is up to the task.
Assemblyman Ryan Peters (R-8) called on Gov. Phil Murphy and state Treasurer Elizabeth Muoio to extend the filing deadline for state tax returns until July 15 to harmonize with the federal tax deadline extension announced last week by the IRS.

“With the disruptions caused by the coronavirus outbreak and Governor Murphy’s subsequent executive orders, it is only right and fair that the tax filing deadline be extended by three months,” said Peters. “Taxpayers in New Jersey should not be penalized by their government over the imposition of stay-at-home orders and business closures that they have no power to change.”

The Trump administration announced over the weekend that the deadline for filing federal tax returns would be extended to July 15.

The Legislature passed a bill (A3841) that would have extended the state filing deadline for income tax or corporation business tax returns if the federal government extends filing or payment due dates, but Murphy has not signed the bill.

“Sadly, in New Jersey, many believe that the state government is only interested in taxing and spending more and more each day,” said Peters. “A simple three-month delay in the state tax-filing deadline shows that government can recognize the sacrifices of citizens and can share in that effort in a meaningful and compassionate way.

“I call on the governor to announce this filing deadline delay as soon as possible to provide some good financial news for hard-hit New Jerseyans,” concluded Peters.


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One response to “Peters calls on Murphy, State Treasurer to Extend State Tax Deadline”

  1. This needs to happen. We need an extension for state taxes to coincide with the federal extension. Gov Murphy please announce this filing delay.

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