Essex United for McIver

The CD-10 seat will go to Lamonica McIver, on the strength of a united front by Newark Mayor Ras Baraka and Essex County Democratic Committee Chairman LeRoy Jones, the two main players in the district.

Others may contend for the seat left vacant by the death of U.S. Rep. Donald Payne, Jr, (D-10) but McIver, the Newark City Council President, stands poised as a clear favorite following a weekend of key-player meetings.

Essex Mayors will back McIver. Ministers, too.

The support of Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss is key here, as it was Team Irvington Strong that bucked Baraka for a vacant LD-28 senate seat in 2022.

This time, the politically muscular Vauss supports Baraka’s choice for the seat, longtime Baraka ally McIver.

Governor Phil Murphy will order a July 16th primary and Sept. 18th general election for the vacant seat and other counties besides Essex contribute to the district, namely Union and Hudson. But Essex will field McIver of Newark to succeed the late Newark-based Mr. Payne.

In a statement, South Ward Councilmen and South Ward Democratic Chairmen Patrick Council said he is proud to endorse and fully support Council President LaMonica McIver to fill the vacant seat of the late honorable Congressman Donald M. Payne Jr.

“Council President McIver is primed and prepared to lead the 10th Congressional District at such a critical time as this,” said Council. “Her training, professionalism, and leadership will continue to be a uniting force in Washington and in the 10th congressional district. The South Ward and the City of Newark is ready to roll up its sleeves to ensure a victory for our friend and comrade.”

Mayor Baraka also formally endorsed McIver.

“In 2012, as Newark City Council President, Donald Payne Jr. ran for and won the congressional seat previously held by his father. McIver is in that mold, she is a proven leader, a compassionate public servant and she is a steward of our collective values – community, opportunity, equality and justice. It is only fitting that she follows in Payne Jr.’s footsteps from City Council President to Washington D.C.

“In our democracy, there are no more engaged advocates or committed voters than the Black women of America. It’s an honor, therefore, to endorse someone who would be the first Black woman to represent the people of Newark in the halls of Congress. I am beyond confident that if elected, McIver will be able to hit the ground running along the same trail Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman blazed before her.

“As we mourn the loss of Congressman Payne, we can look to the future with optimism, knowing we are sending someone with the courage and dignity of McIver in his place. Payne would be proud and I promise to do whatever I can to make it happen.”

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  1. This article is nefariously misleading! Anyone who runs for the NJ D-10 seat has the right to do so without an article like this basically announcing a pseudo win for Lamonica. Being “Pressed Bullied “ is never ok. By writing that she has the support of all of the so called elite power structures in Newark NJ will prove to be a costly “Fallacy”. It’s anyone’s game!

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