Ryan Peters and Jean Stanfield Win GOP Nomination Legislative District 8

Assemblyman Ryan Peters argues that it is up to Trenton to start rolling back some of the regulations, fees and taxes that have made NJ one of the most highly taxed states in the country, but doesn't think that the governing body, controlled by Democrats for the last two decades, is up to the task.

Incumbent Assemblyman Ryan Peters and his running mate, retiring Sheriff Jean Stanfield, tonight won the GOP nomination in LD8.

Incumbent Assemblyman Joe Howarth lost.

It proved a 70-30% blow-out victory for the establishment candidates.

Peters exulted.

He expressed appreciation for his running mate, Stanfield, and for Burlington County GOp Chairman Sean Earlen.

“The way the chairman responded enabled us to get our message out to counter his [Howarth’s] message that he was the true MAGA guy,” Peters told InsiderNJ. “People really responded to Jean Stanfield. an insincere Trump candidate couldn’t fool the voters.

“What tonight proved was that the BurlCo GOP remains strong and now it’s on to the general,” Peters added. “We’re very proud.”

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