Petitions of Two Candidates Jettisoned

The nominating petitions of two late-filing candidates for Morris County Commissioner and Clerk have been declared invalid.

Filing to run in the June Republican primary last Monday afternoon were Robert Snyder for commissioner and Andrew Agliata for county clerk.

The petitions were challenged by Paul DeGroot, another commission candidate, and Ann Grossi, the county clerk.

And on Wednesday, the petitions were deemed to be invalid because of a discrepancy with how they were circulated.

Candidates don’t have to circulate their own petitions, but circulators must certify they witnessed individuals signing them. That did not happen in this case.

That ruling was made by Anne McMahon, the deputy Morris County Clerk. She handled the matter because Clerk Grossi was one of the objectors.

Snyder and Agliata can seek redress in the courts, but they must move quickly. The ballot drawing is 3 p.m. Thursday.

Assuming they are not on the ballot, things are suddenly less crowded for Morris Republicans.

Grossi will be unopposed in the primary and the commission battle will be a one-on-one contest between DeGroot and incumbent Tayfun Selen.

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