Powerful Middlesex County Dems Chair McCabe Backs Tammy Murphy for U.S. Senate



Middlesex County Democratic Committee Chairman Kevin McCabe today issued a statement of support for First Lady Tammy Murphy to succeed Bob Menendez as United States Senator.

Murphy kicked off her candidacy earlier this week.

Menendez imploded on corruption charges earlier this year.

McCabe’s full statement:

“2024 will be a pivotal year for the future of our country. Not only will we work to re-elect President Biden, but we in New Jersey will soon send a new United States Senator to Washington who will help move this country past dysfunction and in a positive direction. I firmly believe that for the good of our country, it is absolutely critical that a Democrat continues in that position. Therefore, to achieve this goal, I believe the best candidate for the United States Senate is Tammy Murphy.

“Tammy has delivered meaningful progress on issues of maternal and infant health and climate change. Moreover, I believe she will be a strong advocate on the issues that are important for us in Middlesex County: affordability, investing in strengthening our local economy and the future of the region’s workforce, keeping our families safe, and protecting the freedom for a woman’s right to choose. She has continuously supported Middlesex County and will do the same as a United States Senator.

“Therefore, as Chairman, I am endorsing Tammy Murphy as a candidate for the United States Senate and will be encouraging fellow Democrats across Middlesex County to join me. I look forward to working with her campaign to restore integrity to Washington and making history as we send the first woman to represent our state in the United States Senate.”

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One response to “Powerful Middlesex County Dems Chair McCabe Backs Tammy Murphy for U.S. Senate”

  1. As a Middlesex County Democrat I am disappointed with the Chairman’s early endorsement. It is early. There is already another more experienced impressive candidate announced and others may be expected to consider running as well. This endorsement feels more like inside political positioning than an assessment of who would best represent the voters of the State of New Jersey.

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