Acting Stratford Republican Club President Backs Gustafson


Acting Stratford Republican Club President Backs Gustafson

Former running mate endorses Gustafson

COLLINGSWOOD – Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s first congressional district, Claire Gustafson, announced today she has earned the endorsement of former Freeholder running mate and acting Stratford Republican Club President Rob Stone.

Stone’s endorsement is the second out of Stratford, he joins former Councilman John Dudley in backing Gustafson.

“I’ve never endorsed a candidate in a party primary, but I’m not sitting this one out. I’ve known Claire Gustafson for several years, I’ve worked with her and I’ve run with her. I know no one will out work Claire,” Acting Stratford Republican Club President Rob Stone said. “From her days on the school board to stepping up to the plate every time the party has needed her, Claire has laid the foundation necessary to build the organization needed to compete against the Norcross political machine. I’m proud to join former Councilman John Dudley and others in endorsing Claire.”

“Having run for freeholder Rob Stone knows the difficulties of running against South Jersey’s political machine, I’m thankful for his support and look forward to working with him to win races up and down the ballot in 2020,” Claire Gustafson said.

About Claire Gustaafson: Active in her community, Claire is currently the President of Camden County New Jersey Republican Women, a former school board member in Collingswood, a former soccer and Little League coach and a member of Collingswood’s historic commission. She’s owned her own small business for over 30 years and is married with four sons, one daughter and several grandchildren.

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