Allen to Lead National Committee on Policy

Senator Diane Allen (R-Burlington) announced that she will serve as Policy Chair of a national committee tasked with developing legislative solutions to help women and families across the United States.

Sen. Diane Allen speaks to a Senate committee in support of her “Antwan’s Law” bill to make roads safer for students, on Jan. 9, 2017, in Trenton.  (SenateNJ)

“The challenges we are facing in this legislature, such as securing equal pay, are not unique to New Jersey,” Senator Allen said. “As Policy Chair, I will work with other elected women leaders from across the nation to charter a course for passing the kind of meaningful legislation that the people of New Jersey, and the country, deserve.”

As the 2017 Policy Chair of the Board of Directors for the National Foundation of Women Legislators (NFWL), Senator Allen will develop educational programs on policy issues, engage with policy partners, and recommend which areas of policy the Foundation shall focus on. Previous focuses have included human trafficking, healthcare, economic growth, and a host of other issues affecting women, children and families nationwide.

Senator Allen has a strong track record of championing landmark legislation, notably improved domestic violence and equal rights protections; as well as education policies to help students statewide.

Allen was re-elected to the NFWL Board by her peers at the 2016 NFWL Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. The nonpartisan NFWL is the country’s oldest organization addressing the needs of elected women at all levels of government. The Senator will serve the NFWL as Chair of the Policy Committee, as well as a member of the Bylaws Committee, through Dec. 31, 2017.

“We are so grateful for Senator Allen’s service to this organization,” stated Delaware Representative Helene Keeley, NFWL’s 2016 Chair. “We look forward to continue working with her to make 2017 NFWL’s best year yet.”

In November, Senator Allen was named one of the top 25 elected women leaders nationwide by the Governing Institute. Allen was selected from a nationwide pool of candidates for her continued leadership, personal integrity and outstanding performance as an elected official.

“The ideas and solutions I have found at the NFWL, and in our community, have helped me lead the fight to pass laws that protect and empower families across our state,” Senator Allen added. “As I enter my final year of elected service, I am committed to seizing every opportunity I can to learn how we can make changes that will help the people of New Jersey for years to come.”

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