Alp Basaran Calls on Bill Pascrell to Uphold Democratic Values

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Alp Basaran Calls on Bill Pascrell to Uphold Democratic Values

June 4, 2020

As reported by The Record, Bill Pascrell accepted the debate challenge by Alp Basaran, a formerly undocumented American Muslim running for Congress in the 9th District of New Jersey.

However, numerous attempts by Basaran to discuss the format and timing of the debate went unanswered by Pascrell. “Playing games during a historic health crisis, unemployment crisis, and justice crisis is emblematic of a government that has completely failed us,” said Basaran. “I call on career politicians who routinely say one thing and do the opposite to change course.”

Basaran contacted both the campaign office and the U.S. Capitol office of Pascrell. “The only response I received was from his U.S. Capitol office, which asked me not to call their number with campaign matters,” said Basaran. “I have not received a response from his campaign office.”

The upcoming primary election on July 7, 2020 will be held during a historic pandemic that has quickly pushed our society to the brink of collapse. The voters deserve to hear from candidates on crucial issues such as healthcare, unemployment, and race relations presently affecting the district and the country.

“The Democratic Party committees in my district that endorsed Pascrell for the party line should issue a statement reminding all candidates of their duty to debate each other,” said Basaran. “We must follow an election process that honors our democratic values. Nobody should rely on the process we saw in the recent local election in Paterson.”

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