Amy Kennedy Endorsed by End Citizens United and Let America Vote



Amy Kennedy Endorsed by End Citizens United and Let America Vote


Brigantine, NJ — Earlier today, End Citizens United and Let America Vote announced its endorsement of Amy Kennedy, former public school teacher and mental health advocate, running for New Jersey’s second congressional district.


As part of her plan to put an end to political corruption Amy has pledged: not to accept contributions from corporate PACs, to support the For the People Act, which will end the culture of corruption in Washington, to fight to overturn Citizens United, and to fight for fair elections, including ending partisan gerrymandering and increasing accessibility to voting.


“In order to get anything done in Washington, we need to get Big Money special interests out of politics,” said Amy Kennedy. “Special interests are standing in the way of everything we want to accomplish, from lowering drug prices and the cost of health insurance, to addressing gun violence and climate change. In Congress, I will fight for South Jersey families, not corporate lobbyists or political machines. I’m proud to have ECU and LAV’s endorsement, and I look forward to working with them to get our government working for the people.”


“As an educator and mental health advocate, Amy Kennedy has dedicated her career to the needs and well-being of South Jersey families,” said ECU and LAV President Tiffany Muller. “Amy has continued to put New Jersey first by putting government reform at the forefront of her campaign. From rejecting both corporate PAC and federal lobbyist money to rolling out a comprehensive plan to fight political corruption, Amy is building a grassroots movement of small donors to change Washington. We’re proud to endorse Amy Kennedy.”


“We’re thrilled to see that Amy Kennedy has been endorsed by End Citizens United and Let America Vote. The people of South Jersey have long struggled to break free of the corrupt machine politics that takes power from voters and puts it in the hands of party bosses,” said Kate Delany, president of the South Jersey Progressive Democrats and chair of the  Collingswood Democratic Committee. “Amy Kennedy is working to serve the best interests of the people of South Jersey and has committed to fighting corrupt politics that are hurting our democracy.”


“Last month the Democratic Club of Long Beach Island broke with a 15 year tradition of remaining neutral during primaries to endorse Amy Kennedy for New Jersey’s second congressional district,” said Bob Stern, vice president of the Democratic Club of Long Beach Island. “We endorsed Amy because we know she is South Jersey’s best chance of getting rid of big money and machine politics and having a compassionate and trustworthy leader to represent South Jersey.”


ECU and LAV are dedicated to getting Big Money out of politics and fixing the rigged system in Washington so that the government works for all Americans. ECU has more than four million members nationwide, including 6,200 in New Jersey’s Second Congressional District. Kennedy is the only candidate in the district to take the End Citizens United pledge against corporate PAC money. You can read her plan to end political corruption here.


This endorsement is just one in a long list of endorsements for Amy Kennedy, including: Communication Workers of America. New Jersey Education Association, NJ CD 2 Progressive Democrats and New Jersey Working Families Alliance.

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