Applefield” “My Opponent Is The Democrat We Always Get In These Elections—I’m The Democrat We Need”


Applefield Launches GOTV Blitz:
“My Opponent Is The Democrat We Always Get In These Elections—I’m The Democrat We Need”

David Applefield, Democratic candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District, has launched an email blitz to district voters in the final weeks of the primary campaign. The first email went out this week, with more to follow in the days ahead. “I know that you are counting the days until we can defeat Donald Trump and restore decency, morality and compassion to the White House,” Applefield writes. “But we can’t let NJ4 be left behind and re-elect Chris Smith to another term.”
“And we can’t win in November by voting for the cookie-cutter candidate picked by insiders, big donors and old school politics.
That’s what we had on the ballot two years ago—and after raising nearly two million dollars that candidate still lost to Chris Smith by more than 12 points!”
Applefield is contrasting his campaign with Stephanie Schmid, who, according to news reports, has exhausted most of her war chest after banking on her fundraising ability to stand up to 20-term incumbent Republican Rep. Chris Smith.
“My campaign,” says Applefield, “is based on new ideas, bold vision, and upsetting the applecart of tired, conventional politics.”
“I’m running for Congress to reinvent choices and buck the establishment thinking that has left our politics as stagnant as the polluted waters that choke our future,” says David Applefield.

“The economic hardship that is fast approaching will hit New Jerseyans’ retirement plans, pensions, taxes and schools—and take a terrible toll on our already perilous environment. We need the strongest, boldest, most energetic candidate in
November to unseat Chris Smith—an ultra-conservative activist in moderate’s clothes who has been propping up Republicans from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump.”

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