Assemblyman Auth’s Response to Governor Murphy’s State of the State Address

I am extremely disappointed with Governor Murphy’s lack of a plan for the future of New Jersey. While the State is choking on excessive regulation, unparalleled taxes, and profligate spending; Governor Murphy has decided to double down.

In his speech he listed programs on ad infinitum without a plan to pay for his utopian dream. Eventually, we all know who will bare the brunt of that future bill.

Instead of finger pointing at the President and our former Governor, our new Governor, needs to remember that many of the successes that he took credit for today were the direct result of the past administration. If he truly wants to help the citizenry of our State, he needs to re-think his agenda and work closely with legislators who want to emphasize property tax relief and a reduction in extravagant spending. It’s time to give the taxpayers an opportunity to catch their collective breath.

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