Atlantic County Government Prepares for COVID-19 Closure Impacts on Business

Atlantic County

Atlantic County Government Prepares for COVID-19 Closure Impacts on Business

Atlantic County is bracing to help the large number of local businesses that will be severely impacted by the mandated long-term closures necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“This is a serious situation,” County Executive Dennis Levinson said, “and one for which there is no easy solution. Some businesses are not expected to reopen and many that do will require some degree of assistance. We want to help them get the information and assistance they need to recover as quickly as possible.”

Levinson stated that the county is working closely with the Atlantic County Economic Alliance to ensure a rapid and efficient response to the needs of Atlantic County businesses. The ACEA, a private nonprofit economic development organization, is the county-designated lead agency for regional economic development. The ACEA has established an internal work group that is coordinating with local governments, business organizations and chambers of commerce to assist in economic recovery efforts.

“The impact on businesses, regardless of size, will be significant and the resources that will be needed to get back on track will exceed what can be provided by local governments alone or any one public agency,” said Levinson. “An effective response will require a cooperative and coordinated effort by all state, local and federal governments, as well as chambers and business associations. Any organization that has resources they can direct to the recovery has a role to play. This is clearly an instance of where we are stronger together than separately.”

Lauren Moore, Executive Director of the ACEA, stated that he was appreciative of the support and cooperation his organization receives from the county executive.

“The ACEA is stepping up to help as best we can during this difficult time,” Moore said. “We have been in touch with New Jersey Economic Development Authority as well as our state and federal representatives. We have reached out to all local chambers and business organizations. We have found everyone’s willingness to work cooperatively extremely helpful and positive.”

Moore also noted that the ACEA has revamped its website, to provide important information with easy links to federal and state programs that offer assistance to businesses affected by mandated closures or cutbacks. This information is updated regularly as new information becomes available.

“Together, we will get through these unprecedented times and emerge stronger than we were before,” concluded Levinson.

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