BCRO Chairman Jack Zisa On Saudino: He Will Occupy No Position In The BCRO

Statement from BCRO Chairman Jack Zisa Re: Mike Saudino

May 22, 2019


“The decision by former Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino to register as a Republican was his personal decision and his alone. The BCRO did not play a role in that decision.   Mike is free to choose his own political affiliation; he came to the Republicans, because, as many people know, he has strong disagreements with Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy and his administration over how they approach law enforcement and particularly how they address the issue of illegal aliens and their impact on the community.

Mike Saudino will occupy no position in the BCRO and he has not been promised anything in return for any help he may offer the organization.  He was re-introduced to the Republican County Committee last night because he is another prominent former Democrat who has decided flee the party of Phil Murphy and Nancy Pelosi.

In regard to the secretly recorded tapes made of Sheriff Saudino and released last year, I am indeed disturbed by what I heard. I do not condone Mr. Saudino’s remarks and those remarks do not reflect the policies or attitudes of Bergen County Republicans.

This year’s election in Bergen County will not be about Mike Saudino; it will about the ruinous policies of ultra-liberal governor who is supported by the Bergen County Democrats, who put the interests of illegal aliens and criminals above the interests of law-abiding citizens. It will be about the failure of the Bergen County Democrats to stand up against the economy-killing taxes of Gov. Murphy. It will about the freeholders’ decision to raise taxes this year. I’m sure the Democrats, don’t want to talk about any of those issues – but we do.”

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