BettyLou DeCroce Comments on Sen. Oroho’s decision to Leave the NJ Senate

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BettyLou DeCroce Comments on Sen. Oroho’s decision to Leave the NJ Senate

January 30, 2023

Former Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce issued the following statement on New Jersey Sen. Steve Oroho’s (R-24) decision not to seek re-election.

I am sad to hear that Sen. Steve Oroho is going to leave the state senate.

He is a fighter and the Republican Party needs more fighters.  He fought for the working people of this state. He fought for parent’s rights in schools, and he stood up for small business owners. He fought against senseless state spending. And more recently, he fought to protect our voting system from fraud and manipulation.

Steve knows government very well and he knows how it can be misused  and he fought against government overreach time and time again.

Although he served in the minority during his legislative tenure, that did not deter Sen. Oroho from  fighting for what he believed was best for New Jersey’s people.  He came to every issue well-informed and he was respected by the opposition. The New Jersey Legislature will be poorer for the absence of Sen. Oroho

I wish Steve and his family all the best.


BettyLou DeCroce

Former NJ Assemblywoman

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