Black Lawyers Alliance Support Johnson for State Senate

First Lady Tammy Murphy and Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (D-37) campaign at the Shop Rite.

Black Lawyers Alliance Support Johnson for State Senate

Bergen County, NJ – A prominent group of African American attorneys who live and/or work in Bergen County came out to support Assemblyman Gordon M. Johnson for State Senate. Johnson would become the first Black Senator from Bergen County in the 175 year history of the New Jersey State Senate.

“Gordon Johnson becoming the next Senator of Bergen County’s 37th District is a historic opportunity to elevate a qualified and experienced legislator whose presence will assist the New Jersey Legislature in reflecting its diverse population both in Bergen County and New Jersey,” said attorney Jason E. Foy of the Bergen County Black Lawyers Alliance.

“We support Gordon Johnson because he is a long-time, trusted public servant. Over the years, he has kept his promises and remained committed to serving the interests of the diverse constituents of Bergen County’s 37th District. Gordon is a proven advocate for all of our community and especially for those most vulnerable among us. He has been a model of public service his entire life and we know he will be a powerful, steadfast voice for Bergen County in the State Senate,” Foy concluded.

The Bergen County Black Lawyers Alliance members who support Gordon M. Johnson for State Senate include:


Jason E. Foy, Partner of Foy & Seplowitz, LLC in Hackensack
Jill Horton-Miller, Senior Associate of Pearce Law, LLC in Hackensack
Yvonne Segar, First Black Woman to be appointed as NJ Public Defender, now retired
John T. Herbert, Partner of Herbert Law Group in Englewood
Shanna Cushnie, Public Service- Education Law, Constituent of Englewood
Robert E. Johnson, Partner of Johnson Liebman, LLP, Constituent of Englewood
Brian C. Freeman, Partner of Freeman Law Center, LLC
Kelly Castor, Associate of Law Office of Katherine Houghton
Ana R. Tolentino, Law Office of Ana R. Tolentino, Constituent of Teaneck
Tiffany Friend, Friend Law Group
Ian Silvera, Criminal Defense Lawyer, Constituent of Teaneck
Dennis Hickerson Breedon, Hickerson Breedon Law Firm, Hackensack Native
Navarro Gray, The Gray Law Firm in Hackensack
Eric J. Sarraga, Associate, Foy & Seplowitz, LLC in Hackensack
Eddie R. Hadden, Retired, Constituent of Englewood
Walter D. Nealy, Criminal Defense Lawyer, Constituent of Englewood
Conway Martindale, Martindale and Associates, Constituent of Teaneck
Charles Simpson, Windels, Mark, Lane & Mittendorf, Constituent of Englewood
Audwin Levasseur, Esq. Hartbatkin & Levasseur, PA, Constituent of Englewood Cliffs

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