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(Middle Township, NJ) – Showing significant support in last week’s primary, candidate Bob Jackson is
kicking off his campaign for Middle Township Committee. No stranger to elected office, Jackson served
as Mayor of West Cape May from 2001-2005. During his tenure in office, Jackson’s character, integrity
and courage were tested beyond the typical public servant, especially in a small-town community. He
was offered a bribe if he would illegally share a bid package so a competing vendor could get a contract.

After the encounter, Jackson immediately contacted the FBI. The subsequent series of events would be
too daunting for most elected officials. For months, he worked undercover wearing a wire and having
frequent meetings with the offenders. Jackson met them one last time where they gave him an
envelope of cash. After turning the money over to the FBI, he continued to provide assistance and
testimony to help have the criminals convicted.

Jackson also stood by his principles while serving as a Commissioner on the Pinelands Commission from
2008 to 2015. Despite fierce political pressure, Jackson refused to support a project he believed would
cause excessive environmental harm and undermine the sanctity of the Pinelands.

Jackson has a consistent record of putting constituents above special interests. “I’ve always believed
and have taught my kids that you stick to what you believe is right, regardless of the consequences.
Sometimes being on the right side of an issue can be lonely. But that’s a small price to pay to keep your
head held high,” Jackson said.

Jackson was a former President and Legal Redress Chairman for the Local NAACP as well as President of the Board of Cape Human Resources. He is a volunteer on the Lighthouse Church Board of Ministries
and the New Jersey Natural Areas Council. He was also a Middle Township Recreation Assistant from

“It would be an honor having the opportunity to represent the hardworking people of Middle Township.
And I believe my extensive experience as a citizen, small businessman and public servant would be a
valuable asset to township committee,” concluded Jackson.

To learn more about Bob’s campaign for Township Committee visit his website
and be sure to Like and Follow his Facebook page Bob Jackson for Middle Township Committee to stay
up to date with the campaign.

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