Booker Statement on Supreme Court Mifepristone Ruling

Booker Statement on Supreme Court Mifepristone Ruling


WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Today, U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, issued the following statement on the Supreme Court’s ruling in FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine:


“This meritless case should have been thrown out long before it reached the Supreme Court. Mifepristone is a safe, effective medication approved by the FDA nearly 25 years ago after a rigorous scientific and expert-driven process. Americans depend on this drug for life-saving medical care. It should always remain accessible and affordable to anyone who needs it.


“Two years ago, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority departed from decades of precedent and reversed Roe v. Wade. Abortion care is now under relentless attack by radical politicians across America who want to ban essential health care services with no exceptions. The Dobbs decision also emboldened individuals like the anti-abortion plaintiffs and judges in this case to attempt to restrict others’ access to mifepristone. And make no mistake, efforts to revoke access to mifepristone through the courts and through changes in the law will continue because, while the medication remains legal and available nationwide, nothing in today’s ruling guarantees a right to access it.


“That’s why it’s so essential that Congress act to restore the protections of Roe v. Wade and establish a national right to abortion care. These efforts have stalled because House and Senate Republicans are standing in the way. If they won’t stand up for your health care rights, it’s time to send people to Washington who will.”


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