BPU Sets March 16 Hearing in Optimum/Altice Investigation in Response to Hamilton, Robbinsville Request

BPU Sets March 16 Hearing in Optimum/Altice Investigation in Response to Hamilton, Robbinsville Request

HAMILTON, NJ – In response to a wave of complaints regarding poor service and customer service by Altice USA, better known to some as Optimum, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) has found sufficient cause to investigate Altice USA and convene a public hearing on March 16, 2021.

In August, Hamilton Township joined Robbinsville in writing to the BPU requesting an investigation into the service being provided to our residents after receiving an influx of complaints against Altice. In the letter, Mayor Martin stated, “Having reliable cable and internet service has never been more of a necessity than this year has proved it to be. Both municipalities’ residents have experienced similar, unacceptable issues and a lack of timely remediation from Optimum. Mayor Fried and I will fight for our residents by partnering together on this issue and hope that by doing so it will provide for a stronger likelihood of these concerns being taken seriously by the State. “

Following Robbinsville and Hamilton, the BPU received complaints and resolutions from at least 10 municipalities concerning various issues their residents and constituents cited alleging inadequacy and lack of service provided by Altice USA.

The BPU said in a February 17th order it had reviewed the various complaints and requests for an investigation and intervention and had found sufficient cause to convene a proceeding to give the municipal officials and customers the opportunity to voice their concerns about the services received from Altice; as well as afford the company the opportunity to respond to these concerns before determining what corrective action may be warranted and should be taken in this matter.”

The Board designated Commissioner Mary-Anna Holden as the Presiding Officer. Holden “is authorized to rule on all motions that arise during the proceedings and modify any schedules that may be set as necessary to secure a just and expeditious determination of the issues.”

The public hearing will be held virtually on March 16th. Information concerning participation in the public hearing will be posted on the BPU website – nj.gov/bpu. Mayor Martin encourages residents wishing to participate in the public hearing to submit their documentation via email to board.secretary@bpu.nj.gov. Filings are to be submitted as PDF or Word format documents with the email subject “Docket No. CX21020139 – In the Matter of the Requests for an Investigation into the Operations of Altice USA in New Jersey”. The deadline to file with the Board is Friday, February 26, 2021.

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