Bucco listens to business experts to make N.J. affordable 


Bucco listens to business experts to make N.J. affordable 


TRENTON, N.J. Making New Jersey affordable is one of Assemblyman Anthony M. Bucco’s priorities. To help lower the high cost of living, the Republican conference leader attended today’s Affordability Summit to hear firsthand from the state’s business leaders on ways to make that happen.


“There’s no question New Jersey has an affordability problem. The solution is to lower taxes and reduce the high cost of doing business. How we get there is the issue,” said Bucco (R-Morris). “Sometimes, legislators need to listen more and talk less. I’m here to listen to the people who are on the ground producing jobs and driving the economy. Based on the outcome of a similar summit two years ago, I’m optimistic that at the end of the day, we’ll have a responsible blueprint for moving forward.” 


As a result of a business summit held two years ago in Atlantic City, lawmakers implemented legislation eliminating the estate tax, of which Bucco was a staunch advocate, reducing the sales tax and abolishing burdensome regulations.


Today’s summit was sponsored by OpportunityNJ, a coalition of organizations dedicated to promoting action to make New Jersey more competitive and more affordable for residents and the business community. It was held at First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Franklin Township

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