Cary Amaro For Freeholder Final Statement

The election results have been certified and although we did not win, I want to thank the over 134,000 people who put their faith in me! This year we experienced 88% of democratic supporters turn out for the Freeholder race, this is on average an increase of 15% versus past presidential races.


Let’s keep engaged, I’ve said it before and I will say it again: request the Freeholder & all levels of government to maintain transparency by live streaming public and work sessions, allowing for Q&A. Demand an increase in communication and most importantly remember You Matter & Your Voice has Power!


Stay involved in local issues. The only way democracy works is when every citizen has their voices heard. Your involvement does not end on election day.  Keep an eye on my social media account and website for things I will be doing to keep you abreast of local politics in our county and state.


I am thankful for all the support I have received over the past year and the friends I have made along the way.  In the midst of COVID we have seen a community come together and show that we care for each other no matter party affiliation, color, or socioeconomic status.


I want to also thank Andrea Zeydelis, my campaign manager and friend, I could not have done it without you. Thank you to our interns Victoria Wei and Samantha Escobar for your innovative ideas and commitment to being a part of the team.  Thank you, Chip Robinson, Leslye Moya and the entire Morris County Democratic Party for your guidance , encouragement, and support it has meant so very much.


Finally, a very special thanks to my family and friends for putting up with my pursuit for public office.


To my children, thank you for standing by me, for putting your feelings of concern aside and simply showing me support. These past 4 years has brought out the bad and the ugly in many, regarding race & party. I know it was not easy to allow me to follow my heart and run for office, welcome to a small window of what it feels like to be a parent of a young adult.


I am grateful to have met so many people in the past several months who care for Morris County’s residents and businesses just as much as I do. Even though I’m not the person who will be representing you as a Freeholder aka County Commissioners – I will continue to fight for Morris County!

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