Chaos at shore prompts Kanitra to meet with police chiefs

Chaos at shore prompts Kanitra to meet with police chiefs



TRENTON, N.J. – The perfect storm of bad legislation and police shortages to ravage Jersey Shore towns, threatening to sink the 2024 summer season and beyond. Assemblyman Paul Kanitra and police chiefs from his legislative district want to stem that tide and keep the shore safe for residents and tourists alike.

On Tuesday, Kanitra headed a summit with police chiefs from 12 municipalities he represents at his district office, where he listened to concerns raised over bail reform, rising car thefts and home invasions, and the inability of police to confront teens suspected of underage drinking and drug use. The assemblyman took the opportunity to discuss his pending legislation that addresses some of those issues, while brainstorming ways to combat these scourges in the meantime.

“It’s plain. Democrats are fueled by envy. They can’t figure out how to improve their constituents’ lives, so they pass laws that attempt to pit minors against parents and police, citizens who want to quietly live their lives and the criminals are emboldened to attack and steal in broad daylight and generally ruin thriving red districts in the name of equity,” Kanitra (R-Ocean) railed. “The so-called reforms they enacted have ushered in chaos and tied the hands of our local police.”

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