Chuck Rocha Joins Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina to Discuss the Latino Vote’s Impact in the November 2020 Election 

Chuck Rocha Joins Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina to Discuss the Latino Vote’s Impact in the November 2020 Election 


Activista Rise Up is a Forum by Activists for Activists 


September 30, 2020 – Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina announces the launch of her video podcast, Activista Rise Up with special guest Chuck Rocha, former Senior Adviser to the Bernie Sanders 2020 & 2016 presidential campaigns and author of the book “Tio Bernie: The Inside Story of How Bernie Sanders Brought Latinos to the Political Revolution.” Chuck is currently leading Latino outreach efforts via NUESTRO PAC to ensure swing states vote for the Biden-Harris ticket. Tune in to listen to this exciting discussion on Thursday, October 1, 2020 at 5 p.m. EST. on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube @DrCamposMedina.


Chuck Rocha is a fierce advocate for diversity and inclusion in the hiring practices of political consultants affiliated with the Democratic Party. He is currently working to secure that Latino voters get engaged and turn out to vote for the Biden-Harris 2020 ticket.


“It is easy during these difficult times for many of us to become disillusioned by politics,” states Dr. Campos-Medina, “However, through history we have seen that it is in moments of economic insecurity and social unrest that regular people organize and come together to demand fundamental change in our politics.”


Activista Rise Up is a forum by Activists for Activists, engaging in inspiring conversations with grassroots leaders who are building a movement for economic and racial justice. The show hopes to inspire activists, people of color, women, young and old to engage in direct action supporting the efforts and campaigns led by leaders at the national and local level.


Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina is a nationally recognized labor and political leader with deep ties to grassroots progressive organizations and progressive labor unions.  She is a strong advocate for worker rights and for Latina political representation. She has been recognized as one of New Jersey’s most influential political leaders by several publications, including ROI-NJ, Insider NJ, and Observer/Politicker.


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