Codey Calls for Resignation of GOP Chairman Hugin

Codey Calls for Resignation of GOP Chairman Hugin

LIVINGSTON – Senator Richard J. Codey called for the resignation of Bob Hugin as chairman of the State Republican Party over his profane comments about Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill following her successful reelection.

Hugin called Sherrill a “piece of shit congresswoman” at a public, election night gathering when she gained an overwhelming victory over her Republican opponent Paul DeGroot.

“Mr. Hugin’s profane and personally derogatory comments about Congresswoman Sherrill are a stain on New Jersey and an insult to all the voters in the 11th District,” said Former Governor Codey. “The language and the attitude are classless and inexcusable. Chairman Hugin should resign immediately from his position as the Republican Party’s leader. It’s not the type of discourse that should be tolerated in New Jersey – even in defeat.”

Congresswoman Sherrill, a former Navy helicopter pilot, was elected to a third term in New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District.

“Mikie Sherrill has served her country and her constituents with selfless dignity,” said Governor Codey. “She deserves the respect of Democrats and Republicans alike. Partisan politics can be competitive, but it should not be profane or personally derogatory. We should be better than that.”

Hugin’s record of rhetorical abuse includes his college years at Princeton when he made threatening statements about his gay classmates, saying that if a fellow member of the exclusive Tiger Club he belonged to were found to be gay “they wouldn’t last long.”

In later years, he led the effort to prevent women from belonging to the club and worked to roll back anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ students. When the Tiger Club was sued for bias against women, Hugin, then the club’s president, labeled the anti-discrimination law “politically correct fascism.”

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