Congressman Josh Gottheimer Calls for the Passing of the FASTER Act to Combat Lone Wolf Terrorists 

Congressman Josh Gottheimer Calls for the Passing of the FASTER Act to Combat Lone Wolf Terrorists 

Appearing on Fox News @ Night W/ Shannon Bream, Rep. Gottheimer spoke about his plan to Combat ISIS-inspired Lone Wolf Terror


Last night, appearing on Fox News @ Night W/ Shannon Bream, Rep. Josh Gottheimer called for the passing of the bipartisan Freezing Assets of Suspected Terrorists and Enemy Recruits (FASTER) Act.

The bipartisan FASTER Act – introduced by Rep. Gottheimer with Republican co-sponsors Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-8) and Tom Reed (NY-23) – wouldcombat lone wolf terrorists and protect Americans from new and evolving threats by:

  • Requiring the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) to notify financial institutions when a terrorism suspect is arrested by, or turned over to federal law enforcement, and immediately freeze their assets
  • Establishing a National Homegrown Terrorism Incident Clearinghouse to collect and share information on incidents of lone wolf terrorism and violent extremism
  • Preserving due process protections by requiring government to provide written notice to a suspect within 60 days and grant them their day in court

In the wake of the lone wolf terrorist attack in New York City, Rep. Gottheimer reiterated the urgent need for domestic laws to catch up to domestic threats and the necessity of aiding law enforcement and first responders in their battle against ISIS-inspired, lone wolf terrorism—just like we do for international terrorism.

“Both the attacker, and sadly, one of the victims, are from Bergen County.” said Rep. Gottheimer. “Enough is enough. We’ve seen one too many tragedies on American soil. We must use every tool in our arsenal to disrupt and defeat lone wolf and other ISIS-inspired terrorists.”

To view the full interview with Rep. Gottheimer, click here

For a full description of the FASTER Act, click here


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