Councilman Jim Fozman: Shameless Brick Dems Plagiarized His Anti-Sanctuary State Resolution

Councilman Jim Fozman: Shameless Brick Dems Plagiarized His Anti-Sanctuary State Resolution

Lone GOP Councilman claims victory and says Brick Democrats incapable of being real check and balance against Governor Murphy and liberal Trenton Democrats


Brick, August 13, 2019 – After flat-out refusing to support GOP Councilman Jim Fozman’s anti-Sanctuary State resolution (see next page) at the July 23 Council meeting, Brick Democrats have now flip-flopped, caved to increasing social media pressure, and are now plagiarizing Fozman’s resolution and bringing up strikingly similar version for a vote at tonight’s Council meeting.


Fozman said he’ll vote for the resolution because it’s the best he can get from the 6-1 Democratic majority on Council and the Democratic Mayor but said it still doesn’t go far enough.


“Let’s face it, if I am not on the Council and me and my Republican running mates didn’t push this issue hard on social media, there is no way this resolution is being introduced and voted on tonight,” said Councilman Fozman.  “But now the question remains: Will Mayor Ducey and the Democrats put our community’s safety first, stand behind our local police, and instruct them to cooperate with ICE in direct contradiction to Governor Murphy’s directive?  If they are unwilling to do that, this is just more lip service intended to try and save their political skin this November.”


Councilman Fozman added the Mayor Ducey’s election-year attempt to distance himself and local Democrats from Governor Murphy and his radical liberal policies is “100% phony.”


“Brick taxpayers aren’t stupid,” added Councilman Fozman.  “They saw who swore-in Mayor Ducey to his current term, and effectively turned our Council chambers into Phil Murphy’s Ocean County victory party after the election.  I remember sitting there that night and knew my days as a member of this increasingly radical Democratic Party were numbered.”


“I am grateful to all the people in Brick who stood with me and my Republican running mates and made this resolution happen tonight, and I call on each and every one of them to take it one step further and vote for Republican watchdogs for Council this fall.”


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