David Winkler Announces Gubernatorial Run on Patriot Party Ticket

David Winkler Announces Gubernatorial Run on Patriot Party Ticket


For Immediate Release:


West NY, NJ

Fourteen Year Military Veteran and former Republican House of Representatives candidate David Winkler announces he will be the first PATRIOT PARTY candidate in the country, running in that capacity for NJ Governor.  He is determined to demonstrate that party politics does not represent the people of NJ and is reaching out to both Democrats and Republicans to reclaim the state for the people.

David embraces the tenants of Conservative and is a strong constitutional originalist.  As a lifelong Republican, he concluded that the NJ GOP has failed to bring Constitutional conservatism to New Jersey, and as result we are one of the highest taxed, most repressive states in the country.  Our cost of living has skyrocketed, and our freedoms have been eroded.

David Says “Recent events have demonstrated that Democrats do not represent the wishes of the American people, and refuse to uphold the constitution.  Republicans are too weak in their defense of the Constitution.  Both parties have failed us.

This is why I am running as the first Patriot Party candidate in the USA, and specifically NJ.  For too long the parties have been indistinguishable, conspiring against the people.  I am running to represent all the people of NJ with a strong Constitutional focus and uphold the rule of law.”

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