East Brunswick Mayoral Candidate Jesal Amin Calls For Increased Role by Township’s Emergency Director in Helping Residents

East Brunswick Mayoral Candidate Jesal Amin Calls For Increased Role by Township’s Emergency Director in Helping Residents

For Immediate Release

East Brunswick, NJ- East Brunswick Mayoral candidate Jesal Amin issued the following statement detailing his plan for an increased role by the township’s emergency director in helping East Brunswick’s seniors and other vulnerable residents combat this economic crisis.

“I would direct the township’s emergency director to play a greater role in helping seniors and East Brunswick’s other vulnerable residents meet their needs during this time of economic uncertainty. The churches and food banks that have taken on the brunt of this obligation should be commended for their efforts, but their charity is not a reason for township government to do nothing.” Stated Amin. “The emergency director should be proactively seeking out state and federal aid including SNAP, USDA and state programs to benefit East Brunswick residents and the charities serving them. East Brunswick residents, and even the police department have stepped up during this time of crisis, but we owe our most vulnerable residents a more professional approach to ensure they get the services they need and deserve. Following Hurricane Sandy and other crises we saw what the emergency director could do when he allowed do his job.”

“This is just the latest example Mayor Cohen falling short in his obligations as Mayor. Nearly 4 years into his terms, his signature accomplishment of redevelopment is stalled, and the blighted portions of Route 18 are just as blighted as they were the day he was elected. The Mayor took out a $15 million bond last year only putting us further into debt and water and sewer taxes have been raised 106%. As 4.3 million Americans are in mortgage forbearance, property values will face a sharper decline as the Mayor does nothing about upkeep at foreclosed properties. It has never been more apparent that East Brunswick needs a businessman to serve as Mayor who can guide them through this crisis and understands the needs and concerns facing residents and businesses.” Continued Amin. “From having the highest property taxes in the nation, to raising taxes $14 billion, to not paying out unemployment claims, to raising the Turnpike tolls and have hours long waits at the DMV devoid of any social distancing, Trenton Democrats have failed New Jersey and East Brunswick residents and Doctor-Mayor Cohen continues to sit on his hands and do nothing about it.”

About Jesal Amin

Jesal Amin is a small business owner and immigrant from India who is running for Mayor of East Brunswick to give back to the community that allowed his family to achieve the American Dream.  Amin is committed to making East Brunswick an affordable place to live and raise a family, while keeping development in check and maintaining East Brunswick’s top-notch school system.  He has lived in East Brunswick for over 24 years with his wife Bela, who is also a small business owner, and raised two sons who are graduates of the East Brunswick public school system.

Questions and comments may be directed to info@aminforeastbrunswick.com.

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