East Brunswick Voters Back Bold Clean Energy Ballot Question


East Brunswick Voters Back Bold Clean Energy Ballot Question

Voters overwhelmingly choose to create community choice renewables program


EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ  —  A strong majority of East Brunswick residents voted in favor of a ballot question to create a township-wide renewable energy aggregation program. The current vote count show the ballot question was supported by over 70 percent of voters.


Food & Water Watch worked with local residents to collect petition signatures calling on the Township Council to create a municipal energy aggregation program that would reach the 100 percent renewable goal by the year 2030.


The council opted to leave the final decision up to the voters, making this the second time in state history that voters directly approved the creation of such a program (the first happened last November in Piscataway).


“I’m glad the referendum has passed. East Brunswick is now a champion in the fight against climate change at the local level,” said Dan Ulloa, a community leader and member of the committee of petitioners for the initiative.


“Hooray for East Brunswick!  I’m looking forward to saving money and helping the climate at the same time!” said Kathy Scarborough, a local activist and member of the committee of petitioners.


“This is a win for our climate, a win for clean air, and a win for grassroots democracy.” said Food & Water Watch canvass director Charlie Kratovil.  “Communities all across the state are showing that we can take bold climate action at the local level. We need our state and federal representatives to follow their lead.”


The ordinance creates a new municipal energy aggregation program — in effect giving residents a ‘bulk buying’ discount on their electricity bills. The program sets guidelines about the sources of that electricity, reaching the 100 percent renewable energy threshold by the year 2030.


East Brunswick now joins the growing movement of towns and cities who are leading the movement to get off fossil fuels and onto a healthier future powered by clean energy. Food & Water Watch is working in 15 municipalities to enact similar 100% renewable energy programs. The group played a key role in creating programs in New Brunswick and Piscataway, saving residents’ on their utility bills while expanding the use of clean, renewable energy.


This summer, the campaign won a major victory in Edison, where the township’s council approved an ordinance that puts the fifth-largest township in New Jersey on the path to 100% renewable electricity by 2030. Earlier this month, local residents teamed up with Food & Water Watch to pass a similar clean energy ordinance in Collingswood, and the Red Bank council voted to create a new 100% renewable energy program last month.



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