ELEC on Gateway Funding

Statement from Greg Lalevee, Business Manager of IUOE 825, on Gateway Funding:


“I’m delighted to see $540 million in the federal spending bill available to fund the Gateway tunnel project. This funding compromise – along with almost $3 billion in discretionary grants that Gateway builders could apply for – is a step in the right direction towards revitalizing the Northeast Corridor’s crumbling infrastructure. Replacing the Hudson River tunnels must be a priority for federal and state officials alike, and this project would create thousands of good-paying jobs, improve transit in the region and stave off a potential disaster. While it is not enough, this is a great start, and I urge our elected officials to continue this spirit of compromise to make Gateway a reality as soon as possible.”


Statement from Mark Longo, Director of the Engineers Labor-Employer Cooperative, on Gateway Funding:


“This bipartisan compromise to secure $540 in spending that could be used for the Gateway tunnel project is a major step towards overhauling our infrastructure, protecting the Northeast’s economy and unlocking tens of billions in future economic growth. The Gateway project would foster important development, create jobs and dramatically improve the region’s economic outlook. Kicking the can down the road, however, will threaten our economy gravely; if the current tunnels fail, the economic disruptions would be catastrophic for the region and result in the loss of billions of dollars in economic activity, jobs and prosperity. I’m encouraged by this progress and I urge our elected officials to consider the numerous economic benefits of Gateway as they push this project forward.”


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